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Company History

+90 (262) 751 46 73

Company History

“GISAS Casting” was established by Ali Yılmaz, the deceased, and his partner under business name YILMAZLAR DÖKÜMHANESİ (Yılmazlar Foundry) in İstanbul, 1967.

In 1996 continued its production under the new business name “GİSAŞ DÖKÜM MAKİNA VE KUMLAMA SANAYİ TİC.LTD.ŞTİ” shortly “GISAS Casting” in an area of 800 m2 in Gebze and it has been one of the leading corporations in the sector.

In 2008, to increase capacity, moved to the new plant located in Gebze Güzeller Industrial Zone (OIZ) in a plant area of  5.500 m2  and continue production therein.

 “GISAS Casting” produces steel castings of which the unit weights varying between 1 to 9.000 Kg. in its 5.500m² plant.   More than 65% of the products are exported to European countries and to Middle East.

“GISAS Casting” produces steel castings and delivers its products either as raw castings or as machined & heat treathed parts whcih are ready for assembling operations.

“GISAS Casting” has adopted a principle to maintain high quality products to its clients with the principle of working in an honest manner by continuosly complying to the high quality production standards.

The vision of “GISAS Casting” is to become an authority at Casting Industry both at home and in the World.

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