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Within the scope of R & D Activities, different techniques for the optimization of production system are developped. Simulations of more than 1000 products per year is made within the development of new products and R & D Activities.

With the help of computer-aided design programs the methodological non-conformaties are minimised prior to the production.

SOLIDWORKS and NOVACAST software systems are used in our Product Design & Development Department

SOLIDWORKS provides a smooth workflow in the Product Design & Development Process where 2D (2D) technical drawings and 3D (3D) solid models are used. It accelerates the design cycle and increases the productivity by the help of using different disciplines.

NOVOCAST (NOVAFLOW & SOLID CV), provides the monitoring of casting and solidification processes on a three-dimensional (3D) solid model by simulation. With the advantage of using simulation, preventive and corrective actions are taken during Design if necessary. Computer aided simulation system provides optimization of all parameters during casting.

With computer aided simulation systems following properties can be determined prior to production.

• Moulding Method

• Detection of cold junctions and hot spots

• Feeder and gate / runner dimensions and layouts

• Speed, flow direction, pressure and turbulence of Liquid metal

• Slag and porosity control, filter layouts

• Duration solidification

• Temperature-time analysis / diagrams during cooling

• Regions which have risk of hot tearing

• Regions which have risk of macro porosity and segregation.


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